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16 January 2007 @ 03:10 pm
Welcome to Strawberry Milk - an International Super Junior fan community. It is a collection of images and translations of the Korean idol group Super Junior.

There are a few rules for joining. If you break any of these rules, you will be terminated without notice.

1. You MUST be a fan of Super Junior - not an individual, but of the ENTIRE group. We will not tolerate anyone who does not abide by this rule. It's fine to have favorites, it can't be helped, but if you can't name each member, we might have a problem.

2. Our translations are NOT to be taken out of this community. This includes blogs, other fan forums, anywhere. In any shape or form. You may not translate it into a different language and take it out.

3. NO REQUESTING for translations. There is only one person who translates here and she has a very busy schedule outside of Strawberry Milk. She translates WHAT she wants, WHEN she wants.

4. No one but the moderators can post. If you're looking for a place to post your things, this isn't the place. This community started out as a personal collection between eunhyuk and kyuness. We are merely opening it up for membership for those who are interested.

5. Reply to the posts. The posts we have in this community are ones worthy of fangirling. We don't post useless things. We post so we can share. Share with us as well.

6. Complete the questions below and post it as a screened comment. Go ahead and click here to join. Once your answers have been processed, you will be admitted as a member.

questionnaireCollapse )

The rules may sound a bit harsh, but we want to make sure that this fan community is one that only has true Super Junior fans. In return, we offer accurate translations and picture spams that very little fansites provide. Thank you.

-eunhyuk, kyuness